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If you have a database with more than 75 properties, we can import your property data into the network free of charge.

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Membership to The United Kingdom Property Network provides real estate agents and individuals with a very powerful tool for attracting buyers for your properties. Membership is entirely free for all members for the first 6 months, and you have the ability to include and ‘share’ unlimited properties on the network. The more properties you list and share the more chances for generating enquiries. All properties added to the network will be displayed on real estate websites and partner sites throughout British. Those members that are using our real estate property listing software can control which properties they would like to share on the network.

We have a strict quality control policy to ensure that our database of properties only contains quality information. All properties added to the system are hand checked to ensure that they contain quality information, correct spelling and grammar and that the photos are of a high quality. Properties are listed on a first come first listed basis to prevent duplicate listings. Members must re-activate their listings every three months to ensure all information is up to date.

To signup as a member agent is simple. The process is fully automated and you will be able to enter and add properties immediately after signing up.

Listing your properties as shared on the network allows all members to actively seek out interested clients / leads for your property. Once a member has an interested purchaser for one of your properties, they will contact you via the network system, and at that time, you will agree through the automated agreement process to be bound by The United British Property Network contract to split commissions with each other at a ratio of 50% member agent who supplies the enquiry and 50% for the member agent selling the property in exchange for the contact details of the enquirer.

We also have a number of popular websites highly ranked with the search engines. Enquiries generated from Network websites will require an agreement to split commission with The Australian Property Network at a ratio of 25% United Kingdom Property Network and 75% selling agent.

No 3 Way Split!
The United Kingdom Property Network does not charge commission on deals between agents.

The first six months of membership for anyone is entirely free. This is because the United Kingdom Property Network is new, and building an extensive database of good quality properties and partners requires time and hard work on our part. After the six month trial, we will be charging individuals and estate agents a small monthly fee if they wish to continue membership.

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